Mega Fortune

Let’s be completely honest here – we’d all like to be able to win a mega fortune, wouldn’t we? Just imagine the things that could be bought if you had a stash of cash and no restrictions on what you could spend it on! Luxury holidays, designer clothing, expensive vehicles, beautiful mansions – the possibilities are endless. Thanks to Netent, we can get a little bit closer to understanding what exactly it would be like to be a mega millionaire. Mega Fortune provides all sorts of imagery upon its reels, which relate to that exotic way of living. And who knows, while spinning away, you may just happen to hit your own jackpot win!

The slot itself is made up of 5 reels and 3 rows, which is quite the standard video slot design. Across this setup, Netent has chosen to add a set of 25 paylines. These lines are all fixed in position, so you won’t be able to customise them in one way or the other. One part of Mega Fortune that you can change though, is the value of the wager that is in play per spin. Doing so will allow you to select a wager of anywhere between 0.25 and €/£50 per spin. There’s also the inclusion of a max bet button to offer you the chance to reach this value instantly. Hint: the game is designed in such way that an increase in bet size equals a higher probability of winning the jackpot, albeit not by much.

Visually, Mega Fortune sticks to the tried and tested high-quality that Netent is famous for, offering up a strong selection of graphics. In the background of the game, there’s a high-class yacht docked in a marina. Meanwhile, upon the reels, the first of its symbols come in the form of expensive-looking rings featuring the playing card icons on them. After this, you’ll see the higher-paying symbols of the game, starting with the whisky and cigar. Then comes the diamond-encrusted watch and the wad of money. It’s the fancy limousine that operates as the highest-paying standard symbol of Mega Fortune though, offering a maximum win of 40 times your stake for five on a full payline. The wild symbol is the image of the luxurious yacht. If it shows up on the reels, it will substitute for all standard symbols and help you with creating wins.


Throughout media we’ve seen plenty of heroes turn into horrible villains. We saw Harvey Dent turn from Gotham’s white knight and star prosecutor into a deranged lunatic hell-bent on revenge against those involved in his fiancée’s death. We watched Walter White gradually become more and more ruthless as he descended into the underworld, abandoning his family in an attempt to gain more power. And even though we all knew it was coming, it was still painful to see Anakin Skywalker lose his innocence and his ideals and become Darth Vader, bringing an end to the Jedi Order. “You were the Chosen One!”, his best friend and mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi shouts. “You were supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!” Those lines sound incredibly corny, just like most of the dialogue in the prequel “Star Wars” trilogies… But honestly? After playing Starburst, I somewhat understand them. “You were the Chosen One, NetEnt!”, I yelled at my screen. “You were supposed to destroy bad slots, not make them! Bring balance to online casinos, not leave them in darkness!”


Basic Features

Yes, as you may know NetEnt have always been among the very best online slot developers ever. They’re certainly my own, personal favourite, at least, and if the other reviews on this site are any indication you should know that I’m a very critical person when it comes to my slots! I have, however, never had a reason to be critical of NetEnt – their slots such as South Park, Gonzo’s Quest and Jack Hammer have shown us exactly what a creative, talented team can do with an otherwise very limiting medium. Their bonus games have been incredibly interesting and fun to play, and their licenses have always adhered to the source material to the letter. And then… There’s Starburst.

Starburst is not an interesting slot. It is not a fun slot. It is not particularly appealing to anyone but the most casual gambler. And it’s not like it’s a failed experiment – if I could see that they tried to do something very different with it, but it just wasn’t working, I’d still rate the slot poorly but would say “You know what, gotta give credit where credit is due – at least they tried”. But no. There is no effort put into it. Starburst is literally about as basic as a slot can possibly get. It’s something I’d expect from IGT, but never from the company that gave us some of the best slot games of all time! It’s like Christopher Nolan suddenly making a “Scary Movie” sequel!